Shine is a full-service renewable energy company developing clean energy projects for commercial, municipal, and non-profit organizations. We also work with property owners interested in making money renting their property to solar energy projects. Our work creates financial value while benefitting the Earth.

Shine is a partnership between industry professionals and renewable energy pioneers GreanGrid Solar and DFW Solar Electric.

Finance Solutions

We offer organizations of all types the benefits of solar energy without the up-front cost. Using our special financing, we install, own, and operate the solar energy system. You get the electricity it generates at lower rates than traditional utility power. Our customers take charge of their energy use, are more resilient during outages, and save money.

Property Development

Shine’s team provides renewable energy consulting services for solar project development, including feasibility studies, permitting, design, EPC, installation, construction, operation and maintenance.

Asset Management

We help building and land owners turn their rooftops and land into money-generating assets. By doing so they create a new, long-term income stream, turn a non-performing asset into a performing asset, earn extra income through long-term lease payments, help create affordable power for their community, and care for the earth.

Why We Do It

Whether you’re a business seeking better energy options, a land owner, public utility, community, or investor, Shine offers an unmatched ability to produce profitable clean energy projects and deliver strong financial returns.
We work to make the future of energy a reality... today.

We’re all about balance. Today's energy grid is unbalanced due to an over-reliance on dirty and dangerous sources of energy. There are ways to get energy from cleaner, plentiful sources that don’t rely on burning fossil fuels that, though plentiful, are harming our environment. Shine's goal is to rebalance the grid so that our country’s energy needs are met by clean, renewable energy generated close to where it’s used.

Meantime, we think it's important to share the benefits of a cleaner world. That's why we created Shine Shares. We donate $1000 from each of our projects to organizations that share our values. You choose from the list of groups we support, and we'll make a donation in your name.

  • 68% of U.S. energy is dirty & polluting

    Most electricity in the U.S. is made from dirty sources of energy like coal and natural gas.

  • 100% of solar energy is pollution free

    Renewable energy is naturally replenished and inexhaustible.

  • Solar energy has environmental and economic benefits

    It doesn't emit dangerous gases that cause climate change and creates homegrown jobs.

  • Shine is committed to a brighter way to power our lives

    We make it easy for you or your business to be a part of a solar-powered world.

Shine Shares is our way of supporting health, environmental, and humanitarian causes.


Solar vs. Fossil? We’ll take solar every time.
Every solar energy system helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuel.
A ‘solar spill’ is called a nice day.
Unlike fossil-fueled electricity, solar panels don’t emit harmful toxins or require dangerous excavation or transportation. And solar installations don’t foul the water or kill wildlife.
Anywhere…and everywhere.
Solar works even in cloudy countries like Germany. In fact, Germany gets 1/2 the sunlight of Los Angeles, but it has more solar installed per capita than any nation on Earth.
Solar delivers dependable value.
Solar energy is competitive with traditional grid energy in most places in the United States. Plus, it’s homegrown and not subject to international price fluctuations or foreign markets.

The Solar Revolution Means You Can Make Money Renting Your Property for a Shine Solar Project.


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